Galaxy,Black Hole In Cinema 4D and After Effects

Hey What's Up Sriram Sparda Here. Today i wanna show you my creation using cinema 4d and after effects. I created a galaxy and black hole using this two Software. Creating this was so easy because i only use in built plugins no 3rd party plugins used. Normally you know that galaxy was already created by some of the VFX artist in after effects. In cinema 4d no one created that so i was thinking how to create galaxy and black hole using cinema 4d i went to lots of research finally i got some useful information in the internet special thanks to +Lawrence Black thanks for helping me to create a galaxy and i created black hole and galaxy. first i created a galaxy and i modified it in to a black hole. See my final render below. I Will Post Tutorial Soon For This Thank you.

Note :-

Stay away fro this galaxy it as black hole in the center if you take a close look you will be stretched to death ha ha ha .......

Galaxy Preview :-

Full Render :- 

Black Hole Without Radiation :-

Black Hole With Radiation :-


Hello guys, I'm Hello guys,Sriram Sparda, a freelance Motion Designer.