Metal Frame Text In Cinema 4D

Hey what's up Sriram Sparda here. Today we goona take a look at creating a WIRE FRAME TEXT in cinema 4d. This tutorials is every simple no 3rd party plugins are used only in built tools are used to create this effect but note if you want the wire frame to take elegant. You want use desired FRONT because it will make the wire frame look bit ugly don't use normal font.


Step 1 :- open up cinema 4D and create a motext. For this tutorial i use single letter "S"

Step 2 :-  Enter your desired text make a depth = 40,Subdivide = 2,Intermediate Points = subdivide and Maximum Length = 20. Now go to CAPS tab choose fillet caps and un check the constrain now your text will look like this.

Step 3 :- Now select your text in the object tab hit "C" on the keyboard and right click select children do this until select children and hit "c" option is disabled and finally choose connect object and delete button.

Step 4 :- Now select edge mode and hit CTRL + A. Then select mesh > commands > edge to spline. It will create a spine text select the + on the motext in the object tab and un parent it from your motext. 

Step 5:-  If you hide the motext from the editor you will see spline text like this. Now create a circle in the menu bar and make the radius as 2 or 1.5 its your wish i will make the radius as 1.5 for this tutorial.

Step 6 :- Now choose sweep nurbs and put your first circle and spine text next  in to it and see the wire frame text. one important thing un check the constrain cross section in the sweep nurbs object tab

Step 7 :-  I will show the render picture.

Step 8 :- Now Unhide the motext and you will see the text with wire frame. Now you can choose the material and light depend upon your wish. I use in built materials and lights.



Hello guys, I'm Hello guys,Sriram Sparda, a freelance Motion Designer.

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